Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering

Medical Physics & Clinical Engineering support clinical teams and patients by providing high

quality, accurate diagnostic and therapeutic procedures; optimising the use of technology

harnessing this for effective and safe patient care and providing expertise to ensure the best use of resources.

Welcome to Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering (MPCE) at NUH

MPCE provides specialist services to healthcare, academic institutions and industry across the United Kingdom. It provides high quality diagnostic and therapeutic services for patient in a safe clean environment resulting in a great patient experience and the best possible outcomes.

We are delighted that you have an interest in MPCE at NUH and welcome you to explore the different career oppotunties we offer.

Claire Greaves, MPCE Lead

MPCE staff at NUH:

  • Support clinicians by ensuring the most appropriate equipment is available, maintained, calibrated, safe and ready for use throughout the equipment’s lifecycle.
  • Provide scientific and technical expertise optimising the benefits from the most up-to-date technologies.
  • Use scientific knowledge to improve patient care though research, innovation and the development and introduction of new technologies into healthcare.

MPCE at NUH strive to be the leading provider of scientific, technical and diagnostic services in the country. Providing state of the art, streamlined, evidence based services and to be a centre of excellence where others copy our practices. We develop healthcare scientists with both specialist and transferable skills capable of supporting clinical needs across MPCE, the wider Trust and beyond.

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Our impact

Patients know they are receiving the highest quality healthcare from a compassionate and professional team, working to nationally recognised quality standards. We improve diagnostic and therapeutic outcomes and are a centre of excellence within the East Midlands. Our expertise ensures that services are optimised and function safely providing an excellent patient experience.




Lisa Fox

Senior Technologist in Electrodiagnostics

My story

In my job I carry out diagnostic investigations on patients of all ages for both Auditory and Visual tests. We do these in our specialised clinic (The Evoked Potentials Clinic), in operating theatres or on the wards.

The majority of the tests that I perform involve attaching (painless) electrodes to the patient’s head and sometimes eyelids, and then either presenting an auditory (sound) stimulus or a visual stimulus (flashing lights or black and white squares) depending on the clinical question to be answered. The electrical signals from the head and eyelids tell us about the patient’s nerve response. For some of the eye tests we also have to administer dilating drops to the patient’s eyes. I also have to do a lot of testing in dark rooms which can be a challenge. We all want our patients to feel relaxed and comfortable in hospital, but it is extra-important for these tests as this improves the recording conditions and helps us to get accurate and reliable results.

Once the tests are complete we analyse the results and then work in conjunction with the Clinical Scientist to create a formal report. The report then goes on to the patient’s referring doctor to aid diagnosis. I work as part of a team; as a team we have referrals from all over the country from a variety of clinical specialities.

What’s great about by role is meeting new people every day and making sure that we get the best results possible for the patient. Making clinical decisions to tailor the diagnostic investigation to address the individual patient’s condition. Ensuring that the patients have a good experience and putting them at ease. Working together as part of a team.

It can be difficult to set some patients at ease so that we can carry out the tests. This can be especially difficult with children, who might not understand why we need to stick electrodes on them. So good qualities for this role is patience, understanding, empathy and being able to put people at ease. As well as being technically minded with an enquiring nature, working well alone and as part of a team.

Medical Technology - Improving Health, Saving Lives

An event to celebrate Global Clinical Engineers’ Day 2017

Monday October 23rd 12.00 to 3.00pm (drop in any time)

Sherwood Hall, South (Green) Entrance, City Hospital Campus


Medical Technology plays a vitally important role in modern healthcare.  We rely on technology every day to ensure we provide the best possible care for patients here and new and exciting technology is becoming available all the time to enable us to provide even better care in the future.

To celebrate Global Clinical Engineers’ Day – an international festival supported by the World Health Organisation and the International Federation of Medial and Biomedical Engineers – we are holding an exciting showcase event on Monday October 23rd with hands-on practical; demonstrations; videos; presentations and much, much more.

Drop in any time between 12 noon and 3pm to learn about:

Management of medical technology

  • Did you know that Nottingham Clinical Engineering looks after nearly 60,000 items of medical equipment?  Come and see how we make sure they are safe and working correctly with working examples and demonstrations.
  • NUH brings in over 5,000 items of new medical equipment every year.  Find out how we make sure every item is compliant, safe and working as intended before being used on patients.
  • Our Equipment Library provides 1000s of items of medical equipment every month along with all the beds and mattresses used across the Trust.  Come and see some of the typical equipment set up and in use.

Applications of medical technology

  • Across NHS there are thousands of incidents involving medical equipment and devices every year.  Come and see how Nottingham Clinical Engineering help ensure patient safety at NUH
  • NUH is recognised nationally as a leading centre in the training and competency management of clinical users of technology.  Come and see are Medical Devices Training Team at work.

Innovations in medical technology

  • Nottingham has a national reputation in research into new medical technology with the establishment of the only Centre for Healthcare Technology.  Some of our latest research will be on display at the showcase
  • NUH is also at the forefront of adopting new and innovative technology and bringing it into routine use in the NHS.  Come and speak to our expert technology adoption staff and hear about some of our case studies.

There will be a short introductory presentation at 12.00, 1.00 and 2pm and members of our team will be available throughout to answer your questions so please do drop in at any time to find out more about this exciting field.


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