Excellence in Care

We’d like to showcase some of our innovative projects and patient safety initiatives.

Think Drink

Think DrinkThink Drink is an initiative aimed at minimising fasting times for our patients, with the intention of reducing morbidity from dehydration and also improving patient experience. Promoting appropriate fasting not excessive fasting.

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Carer’s Passport

Carers PassportThe Carer’s Passport makes it easier for ward staff to identify and interact with carers by supporting open visiting and facilitating the involvement of carers. Carers can show their carer’s passport to the ward staff to access the ward where the person they care for is a patient at any time outside the usual visiting hours.

The passport is to be returned to the ward when the patient is discharged.
For more information contact Katie Moore at NUH


Mealtimes Matter

Mealtimes Matter reinforces the importance of food and drinks to aid patients’ recovery and prevent complications. It ensures that patients get the appropriate help at mealtimes and are not interrupted unnecessarily. Mealtimes Matter:

  • Raises the importance of food and drinks
  • Promotes nutrition and hydration as everyone’s responsibility
  • Ensures that patients’ mealtimes are undisturbed
  • Encourages nurses to focus their activity on helping those who have difficulty feeding themselves and monitoring the amount of food and drink being consumed
  • Stops all non-urgent activity during mealtimes. Encourages those staff who are not involved with helping at mealtimes to leave the ward
  • Allows relatives and carers to participate in mealtime care when appropriate

The Mealtimes Matters Standard Operating Procedure is available as a pdf document:

Download Mealtimes Matter

Take the Pressure Off

Take The Pressure OffTake the Pressure off aims to:

  • Improve pressure ulcer risk assessment
  • More reliable repeated skin examination
  • Improved documentation
  • Record repositioning better



Think Glucose

ThinkGlucose is a major programme from the NHS Institute, designed to improve the care of people with diabetes when they are admitted to hospital. The number of people with diabetes is steadily increasing, but the provision of consistent, effective and proactive inpatient care still needs to be developed.

ThinkGlucose has been developed to provide a package of tried and tested approaches, learning and support to improve awareness and remove the obstacles to the treatment of patients with diabetes as a secondary diagnosis. ThinkGlucose offers a number of benefits to staff and patients including:

  • improving the quality of care
  • reducing the length of stay (which is on average 2.6 days longer nationally than those without a diagnosis of diabetes receiving the same care)
  • contributing to medicines safety/reducing treatment and drug errors
  • enabling effective self management/self administration
  • improving the patient’s experience of inpatient care.

Caring around the Clock

Caring Around The ClockCaring Around the Clock is how we deliver caring, safe and thoughtful care
to our patients – it is based on our values and behaviour. The principles underpinning CATC are:

  • Confidence and trust in our care
  • Anticipating patients’ needs
  • Talking to patients, relatives and carers daily and having meaningful conversations
  • Communicating feedback to staff