The Medicine division at NUH is looking for first level registered nurses to join our team. We have a comprehensive range of specialities that offer induction programmes and packages, preceptorship and clinical supervision, offering an exciting opportunity to be part of driving up standards of patient care. The Medicine Division at NUH comprises of the following specialities:

Acute Medicine Admissions
Emergency Department
Health Care of Older People
Infectious Diseases

The Medicine Division on the QMC campus admits and assesses emergency medical patients both from GP practices and directly from the Emergency Department. These are busy areas admitting over 400 patients per week. We have a range of opportunities for registered nurses in our acute admission areas.

We strive to provide high quality patient care in a demanding area, we are very keen that nurses are offered the opportunity for both professional and personal development and believe it is vital in strengthening the quality of service we deliver to our patients. We are a dynamic team and offer an excellent opportunity for learning and development and operate a shared governance model with the unit.

We are a friendly, supportive, dynamic team who work closely with the medical team to ensure our patients receive safe and excellent care.


The Diabetes service has multiple parts. It has 3 wards, 2 at the QMC campus and 1 at City campus. The 2 Queen’s wards are C51 and C54. C51 has 24 beds and cares for female patients who suffer with Diabetes. The ward also looks after patients with general medical conditions such as heart failure, dementia, kidney and liver problems. C54 has 28 beds and is the male ward with the same patient group as C51. Patience One at the City campus is a 14 bed ward that specialises in caring for patients with diabetic foot disease – they have multi-disciplinary care from the Orthopaedic service.

Microbiologists and Podiatry Service: many patients are on long term antibiotics so the ward works closely with the OPAT Service (Outpatient Antimicrobial Service). Staff on the ward are encouraged to spend time in Dundee House and work in the foot clinic where they learn specialist foot care, dressings and how to plaster a foot. The Diabetes Nurse Specialist team works alongside the ward teams. Each campus has a team of specialist nurses who run a variety of specialist clinics and take referrals from all over the hospital.

Some of the clinics include: Antenatal, Pancreatectomy, Insulin Pump Service and Renal Clinics. We recommend that new staff work with the team of specialist nurses. They also work in the community in partnership with CityCare and care for patients with Type 1 diabetes in the community.

There are a multitude of learning opportunities within Diabetes if you join our dynamic team.

Emergency Department and LJU

Do you want to experience urgent and emergency care? Do you crave education and development opportunities? Are you able to give exceptional nursing care in a challenging environment? Our patients are looking for nurses who can deliver safe emergency care with compassion and skill.

The diverse needs of our patients create interesting learning opportunities and allow our team to learn multiple specialist skills. For opportunities to engage with research, education, secondments and rotational opportunities within the short stay unit LJU, adult and childrens Emergency Department join our team.


The specialty of Health Care of Older People (HCOP) is comprised of seven in-patient wards with one specialising in dementia care. We are committed to providing the best care for older people with a stable, well supported and motivated workforce. Our pathways and treatment of this vulnerable patient group are at the leading edge within the field. We are innovative and constantly looking for ways to improve the service, we provide and exploring new roles in practice. We welcome applications to join our team and share in the many opportunities available to staff in this rewarding specialty.

Infectious Diseases

Nightingale is on the City campus and is a 13 bed ward. There are seven single side rooms and 3 double side rooms. The single side rooms have negative pressure ventilation. Nightingale specialises in Infectious Diseases. We care for patients suffering from conditions such as TB, Encephalitis, Cellulitis and HIV.

The OPAT service (Outpatient Antimicrobial Service) is also a part of Infectious Diseases. This is a team of nurses who provide teaching to patients who require long term IV antibiotics. Some patients attend the IV infusion centre on a daily basis for their treatment. Nurses also visit patients in their own homes to administer medication if they are unable to administer it themselves.

Respiratory Medicine

Respiratory medicine consists currently of 5 wards: Fleming, Southwell, Berman 2, the Respiratory Assessment Unit and the Cystic Fibrosis Unit. In winter, our admissions increase by a third, to help manage this, we open another ward which creates an opportunity to progress. All of our wards care for patients with a range of respiratory disorders. Nursing staff offer a nurse led service for non-invasive ventilation, as well as step down from ITU. Our Cystic Fibrosis Unit enables us to improve the facilities and services for patients with CF, this also enables us to provide both regional and national CF services.

We are committed to working closely with our respiratory nurse specialists in the hospital and community services to improve the pathway for our patients. Here in respiratory medicine, we are proud to be able to offer a specifically designed respiratory education programme for those who wish to work within the respiratory service, led by clinical nurse educators. This will include key respiratory topics such a chest drains, oxygen and tracheostomy care. Once in role for a year, you will be able to complete the non-invasive ventilation (NIV) package and training.


C53 is a 29 bedded ward which specialises in caring for patients with Rheumatology disorders. It is a mixed sex ward. The ward also looks after patients with general medical conditions such as heart failure, Dementia, kidney and liver problems. C53 has an excellent reputation for the daily board rounds and is piloting the new board round using Nervecentre. There is a team approach to the care provided on C53 with multi-disciplinary board rounds and close working with the supporting transfer of care team.

There is a team of rheumatology research nurses and specialist nurses who work across areas in the Treatment Centre. There will be opportunity to work with the specialist team during your supernumerary time on the ward.

C53 runs extended preceptorship supernumerary time in order that all the learning opportunities available are able to be used. They have a clinical educator who can assist with your learning. The team on C53 welcome new starters to join their young, dynamic team.


The Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust Stroke service delivers specialised care to adults of all ages and we treat over 1,500 strokes per year.

Care ranges from emergency assessment and treatments (including clot busting thrombolysis therapy) in the first few hours after stroke, to rehabilitation (physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapy). These help the stroke survivor to return home and regain independence after a stroke. The stroke service also treats patients with suspected minor strokes and transient ischaemic attacks (TIAs) in a daily clinic in an attempt to prevent further larger strokes occurring.

Stroke medicine combines the diagnostic skills of neurology and the excitement of acute medicine with the satisfaction of working within a skilled multi-disciplinary team. Seeing a patient with significant limb weakness improve in front of your eyes after successful thrombolysis is very fulfilling. Stroke medicine is a rapidly developing specialty and provides plenty of opportunity. Many exciting innovations and improvements are taking place, making stroke medicine a vibrant discipline. The development of stroke medicine and treatments such as thrombolysis has energised stroke services; there has never been a better time to consider a career in stroke medicine.

We are passionate about the care we give to our patients and strive to deliver the highest standards in a friendly and professional manner.



Medicine Skills Development Centre

Medicine division is also proud to launch our new Medicine Skills Development Centre. Our aim is to provide effective, high quality clinical education, supporting and training all our staff here at NUH.

We have a dedicated team of Clinical Educators and Practice Development Matrons, who have a keen interest in medical education, who have developed a programme teaching basic, practical and advanced skills along with a simulated patient programme. Our team are also able to offer one-to-one training as and when required, which can be adapted to individual needs. We provide support, encouragement and guidance to our students, offering specific training packages in all areas.

In this new development centre, we offer protected teaching time and encourage hands-on involvement where you can practice examinations and learn new key skills specific to your area. In addition, you will be able to learn skills such as venepuncture and cannulation, NG tube insertion, NIV setup, and setting up/using ECG to name a few.

Our education centre comprises of 3 custom setup bays, one with 3 fully functioning beds with an adult patient simulator and setup as a working bay on a ward. We have a seminar area which can hold up to 30 delegates, equipped with screen for viewing presentations and teaching packages. We also offer an area which can be set up for any use including mandatory training.

Please contact Rachael Deane, for further information or to arrange a visit.