My Story

Hear our International and UK Nurses and Midwives share why they love being part of #TeamNUH

Heather Nelson

My name is Heather and I’ve worked at NUH since 2002 and presently work for the Neonatal Service as a family care co-ordinator. I trained as a registered nurse in South Africa and was living in Zimbabwe until 2000 when I had to leave to move to the UK due to an unstable political landscape in the country. I chose Nottinghamshire as my father was originally from here and I stayed with relations of mine until I secured work and housing. Living in the UK made me feel safe again. Once my Registration was accepted by the NMC I chose NUH as my place of work as I was keen to work in a large hospital which would give me more options and choice about the type of nursing I wanted to do.

Throughout my time at NUH I’ve had the opportunity to secure postgraduate education, a variety of options to further my knowledge and I have been given the opportunities to be innovative within my team This has made me feel have contributed a lot to providing a better service to the families and babies. My role is ensuring that families of babies who have been born premature and or sick and are being cared for in a neonatal intensive care unit are well supported during their baby’s stay in hospital which can be for a long time and very traumatic for them. It is a privilege being involved in caring for this cohort of patients. Just by lieu of the nature of the care these babies have to have as a nurse, you become very involved with them and their families. It can be very emotive and is very rewarding. NUH has allowed me to do this and I am very grateful.

Marijke van Eerd

I’m originally from the Netherlands where I did my Nurse training and moved to the UK in 1992. I worked in Chester for 10 years before meeting my husband who was already in Nottingham and we moved to Ruddington where we live now. My role in the resuscitation department is very varied. I have just worked there for 3 years as resuscitation matron, but now my role will involve policy writing, with still a reasonable amount of teaching and attending 2222 calls. I also work a regular shift in the children’s emergency department on a Monday night. My background is adult and paediatric emergency nursing and I love my shifts there.

NUH was perfect for me as It was in great cycling distance from my house and at the time career opportunities here were brilliant. I have some amazing colleagues both in the emergency department and in the resuscitation department.

Bindhu Saraswathy

I came to UK in May 2002 from India. After completing my NMC registration program (known as adaptation program then) in Suffolk, I then moved to Nottingham in March 2003. Back then I didn’t have any family or close friends in England. A colleague with whom I had worked with for 4 years in India (who had also moved to UK) had been working at ITU at the QMC. Through him I learned about this hospital and after completing my NMC registration I applied for a job here and was successful. When I came to Nottingham to myself “I could make a home here!”- and I think my instinct was right.

I joined the Head & Neck team (as a junior staff nurse on ENT ) I loved my colleagues and the whole atmosphere was positive for me. I now work as a cancer nurse specialist for the Head and Neck division and support patients and families affected by head and neck cancers. My journey with them starts almost at pre diagnosis and continue to support them through diagnosis, treatment, recovery/rehabilitation and follow up. I love working at NUH and the international atmosphere it has here and the patient centred care and excellence all colleagues strive for daily.

Stacey Heatley

I’ve lived in Nottinghamshire all my life and currently live in Carlton, around 4 miles from the Nottingham City Hospital campus. I currently teach our new starters on the Health Care Skills Academy and lead on the Care Certificate which is a new national requirement for non-registered frontline staff. This is a very diverse role which enables me to practice my passion of teaching whilst also ensuring the best standards of patient care for our Trust. In this role I also get to support new non-registered staff in their new role and help them to become confident members of the team.

It always seemed an obvious choice as it is the local hospital and the chance to work on a fast paced admissions as a newly qualified nurse unit was an exciting opportunity at the time when I was looking for jobs. There was always something nice about working for an organisation that is so much a part of my community cares for all my family and friends and was even the place I was born. NUH is a great Trust to work for, there are so many learning opportunities all staff help each other out. There are also many perks for example childcare vouchers which have been a great help and quick access to staff physiotherapy service if needed.