Orthoptists at NUH work as autonomous practitioners specially trained to identify and treat a wide range of visual disorders.

Welcome to Orthoptics at NUH

Orthoptics at NUH provides assessment, diagnosis and management of a range of disorders of vision, eye position (squint), eye movement and binocular function. Patients range from pre-term babies to the elderly with approximately 70% of the caseload being paediatric. We work in conjunction with other health professionals in the delivery of the service e.g. ophthalmology, hospital optometry, ophthalmic imaging or with other specialties such as paediatrics and rheumatology Orthoptists are specially trained to identify treat and give advice to patients who experience visual symptoms relating to head injury, stroke, neurological and degenerative neurological impairments, endocrine and systemic conditions, trauma to the face and brain tumours.

At NUH orthoptists provide visual screening to falls patients and orthoptic input to the neuro-disability service at the Child development centre and special schools. The orthoptic department at NUH is a clinical placement centre for the training of orthoptic undergraduates and participates in the teaching in a wide range of health professionals. Opportunities for professional development are available.

Isabel Ash – Head of Orthoptics


Current projects and awards

  • National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) award for the development of I-BiT which is a computerised system for the treatment of lazy eye.
  • Health Education England (East Midlands) Bronze Scholarship award to promote their clinical academic career looking at vision in patients with falls.
  • AHP award achieved at the National Osteoporosis Society conference 2016 for a presentation on vision screening in falls patients.



What we can offer you

We offer a full induction and 12 month preceptorship programme, during which time graduates are supported in their transition from student to independent practitioner. There are Continuous Professional development (CPD) opportunities on offer as well as talent management schemes.
To find current Orthoptic vacancies at NUH visit the NHS jobs link below.

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