I came to UK in May 2002 from India. After completing my NMC registration program (known as adaptation program then) in Suffolk, I then moved to Nottingham in March 2003. Back then I didn’t have any family or close friends in England. A colleague with whom I had worked with for 4 years in India (who had also moved to UK) had been working at ITU at the QMC. Through him I learned about this hospital and after completing my NMC registration I applied for a job here and was successful. When I came to Nottingham to myself “I could make a home here!”- and I think my instinct was right.

I joined the Head & Neck team (as a junior staff nurse on ENT ) I loved my colleagues and the whole atmosphere was positive for me. I now work as a cancer nurse specialist for the Head and Neck division and support patients and families affected by head and neck cancers. My journey with them starts almost at pre diagnosis and continue to support them through diagnosis, treatment, recovery/rehabilitation and follow up. I love working at NUH and the international atmosphere it has here and the patient centred care and excellence all colleagues strive for daily.