My name is Heather and I’ve worked at NUH since 2002 and presently work for the Neonatal Service as a family care co-ordinator. I trained as a registered nurse in South Africa and was living in Zimbabwe until 2000 when I had to leave to move to the UK due to an unstable political landscape in the country. I chose Nottinghamshire as my father was originally from here and I stayed with relations of mine until I secured work and housing. Living in the UK made me feel safe again. Once my Registration was accepted by the NMC I chose NUH as my place of work as I was keen to work in a large hospital which would give me more options and choice about the type of nursing I wanted to do.

Throughout my time at NUH I’ve had the opportunity to secure postgraduate education, a variety of options to further my knowledge and I have been given the opportunities to be innovative within my team This has made me feel have contributed a lot to providing a better service to the families and babies. My role is ensuring that families of babies who have been born premature and or sick and are being cared for in a neonatal intensive care unit are well supported during their baby’s stay in hospital which can be for a long time and very traumatic for them. It is a privilege being involved in caring for this cohort of patients. Just by lieu of the nature of the care these babies have to have as a nurse, you become very involved with them and their families. It can be very emotive and is very rewarding. NUH has allowed me to do this and I am very grateful.