Therapies at NUH

Striving to achieve excellence in patient care and make every contact count

Within the Therapies department at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (NUH) we have a range of Dietitians, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and a small Speech and Language Therapy service, with support workers and apprentices in the many specialities across our two campuses, Queen’s Medical Centre and City Hospital Campus. We have received excellent feedback from our external quality assessors regarding the opportunities and support offered to our learners at all levels. At NUH Therapies we encourage our employees to take ownership of their careers and strive for personal excellence in all that they do.

Our Therapies Vision

NUH will be the best integrated inpatient and outpatient therapy services provider, delivering sustainable and affordable therapy care. We will conduct our services in line with evidence based practice. We will utilise a caring and holistic approach whilst working to a consistent standard in order to achieve the best clinical outcomes for the patient. At all times we endeavour to ensure high levels of productivity whilst supporting our workforce to develop and offer the best care possible

  • We engage with colleagues of all grades to innovate and maximise efficiency across our services
  • We are transforming our services to make them fit for our future patients
  • Multi-professional reflective practice groups are run for our newly registered professionals to support and develop them in their ‘Preceptorship’ year
  • We support staff of all grades to pursue academic and research interests for the benefit of our patients. Click here for an example of our research
  • We run highly-rated multi-professional leadership development programmes for our senior colleagues to support and equip them for meeting the challenges within their work
  • We constantly make service improvements e.g. seven day services for patients with hip fractures and our ‘Playlist for life’ customised music project to benefit patients with dementia
  • Some of our media- reported successes can be viewed here

If you join our team within Therapies we will offer you…

  • A wide range of rotations for colleagues of different grades across our clinical specialities 
  • A broad range of experience and training
  • A corporate welcome
  • A Therapies induction pack
  • A local team induction within your clinical area
  • A supervisor to support you and your development
  • A robust and innovative Preceptorship programme if you are newly registered
  • Annual appraisals and personal development plans to manage your talent
  • Career development opportunities
  • Inter-professional working and learning opportunities.


We are keen to support our Dietitians, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists, via our personal development plan process, to develop and enhance their skills. In Therapies, we cover the breadth of in and outpatient specialities across the Trust and you will gain a broad range of skills and experiences due to the opportunities offered by our large teaching hospital.

In Dietetics, this includes opportunities to gain an insight into a range of specialist areas including Gastroenterology, Critical Care, Oncology, Neurology, Renal, Cystic Fibrosis and Diabetes. Through the range of pathways available this will provide opportunities to gain experience in a number of therapeutic interventions from artificial nutritional support to lifestyle/behaviour change management.

In Occupational and Physiotherapy you will have opportunities to gain skills and experience in a broad range of six-monthly rotation areas including Musculoskeletal, Paediatrics, Health Care of Older People, Medicine, Surgery, Neurosciences and Spinals, Critical Care and Stroke. We utilise the latest technology and have experienced staff to help train and develop you as a clinician. Methods used include in-house teaching programmes, ‘Lunch and learn’ seminars and co-working cases with colleagues. 

We have a range of postgraduate training relevant for the different clinical areas offered within teams here in Therapies and a wide selection of in-house study days available to meet your development needs. We are fortunate to have a dedicated Practice Development Team, a Learning and Organisational Development Department and the Trust Leadership Academy, providing our colleagues with access to courses and support for their development.

Building your clinical skills…

Preceptorship-Support for our newly registered Therapy colleagues includes…

  • Supervision and support from a named preceptor in your team alongside the Therapies practice development team
  • A Trust-wide, multi-professional Preceptorship welcome day
  • Monthly reflective practice groups to support you with your professional development
  • A competency development package to help you track your progress
  • The opportunity to join the newly qualified forum and represent the voice of newly registered colleagues at NUH
  • Appropriate training opportunities

Developing the leader in you – our training programme for senior colleagues…

Have a look here at how our Therapies Band 6 leadership development programme offers an opportunity to develop clinical leadership skills in order to enhance patient safety, outcomes and experience. Tailored training opportunities are key to preparing senior colleagues for the challenges that they face in our busy, acute teaching hospital and this popular programme helps our senior Therapists and Dietitians to reach their potential.

Research and further education opportunities

With our strong local and national research networks, Therapists and Dietitians at NUH are in an ideal position to contribute to, or conduct, high quality research that will enhance the quality of care and directly benefit patients. We have had numerous colleagues receiving scholarships and carrying out research to further the evidence base for our professions. Have a look here at our achievements.

Being a student in Therapies at NUH

In Therapies we welcome students from a range of universities across the East Midlands at both undergraduate and Master’s level. We provide high quality practice placements with a range of opportunities. Please have a look at what our students across Therapies had to say about us here.

If you are interested in a career in Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy, please click on this link to the work experience page Work experience at NUH for Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy. If you are interested in undertaking work experience in Dietetics, please ring NUH directly 0115 9249924 ext. 63170 or email us

Interested in a career in Occupational therapy? Visit the Royal College of Occupational Therapy

Interested in a career in Dietetics? Visit the British Dietetic Association

Interested in a career in Physiotherapy? Visit the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

Working with us

If you are interested in Therapies at NUH and would like more information please email the Practice Development team

Interested in working with us? Please have a look at our current job opportunities.

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